I am a writer working full-time on a series of five novels tentatively called the Fire-Dragon Star Cycle, none yet published, but the first is close to ready for submission. I am wife, mother and grandmother. Vocationally in chronological order I have been a Young Life staff person, an insurance adjuster, a office temp. worker,  a TV Guide cable reporter, an English teacher, a church staff member, an environmentalist, and a freelance business/medical writer & editor & layout designer. I have lived my life in several places in the Northeast and have traveled as far east as Israel and as far west as San Diego, CA.

But who am I? A voraciously curious person. A person who immensely enjoys watching and being with people who are being themselves. A person who loves to laugh and sometimes cry. A person who likes challenge, as long as it is in an area that attracts me. A person who searches for the beauty around me, human and natural. A person who incarnates the law of inertia: when I am moving I keep moving, and when I’m not, I can be downright immoveable. A student who is learning to hone my skills as a writer. A writer who is pushing her limits to create a story worth telling. A person who is striving to learn what it means to love the Lord my God with all my heart, mind, soul and strength in the present moment in the present duty.

As I go on my mental rambles, I welcome your company. Let me know what you think. And if you leave a comment, check back because I’ll likely reply. Did I mention I relish good conversation?



  1. John Henry Bosworth…wow…not too many folks are going to remember that song, but it was always a favorite of mine…off a good album. I remember Dan playing it in the house at 614 St. Louis. Stookey was always the deepest of those three.

  2. I spent a day with him while he was touring with that album. He hung out at Pittsburgh Power & Light in between shows and kept me company up in the bookstore & art gallery. Somebody borrowed my copy of it, and I never got it back. I’ve been trying to get another one since, but no luck! No one’s thought to make it into a CD. We must be old!

  3. Your blog is interesting!

    Keep up the good work!

  4. I came across your blog because of a link to Karl Jung – i’m reading his biography & i love to Google stuff in books i’m reading, it always leads to other interesting things like your blog.
    Anyway i just thought i’d tell you how enriching i’ve found it (your blog, as well as Jung)
    I wondered why you use a picture of the Thames – i live near & was born in London, so do i detect an interest in Englishness?

  5. I must confess was drawn to your blog by the Red Dragon of Wales … I am also of Welsh heritage (albeit my family came to the US in the late 1600’s) but my fascination with Wales, its history. and people lingers. Have looked at the language but beyond “Bore da” … I have not progressed very far. Visited Wales in 2002 and drove fron Cardiff to Holy Head … wonderful time there …

    I met a Robin Peters in Durham, NH in the 1960’s, so your name evoked some curiousity too.

    Have read your other posts but the latest is August 2010 and it is now June 2011.

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