Posted by: Robin | July 20, 2010

Travel Socks

Who knew such a thing existed? Ten years ago when I flew to London my feet swelled so badly they barely fit in my shoes, and walking hurt for three days. Determined to avoid this for our August dream trip I thought to be more careful in purchasing my footware. During a visit to our local L.L. Bean I mentioned my concern to the shoe salesman so he could better advise me. He told me about the wonder of travel socks that improve one’s circulation when one is going to be sitting for long periods in planes, trains and automobiles–all of which apply. L.L. Bean had none, but before I could Google, I received that day in the mail one of the more unique catalogs:  Hammacher-Schlemmer. As well as travel socks one can purchase the Ceramic Pet Fountain, the Spring Loaded Walking Shoes and the Always Cool Pillow to name a few. This is the place to shop for the person who has everything. So I am set to be well-circulated as well as well traveled. Oh and BTW, I have a dress pair and an everyday pair so if I need to get gussied up for a night my black argylls it is. So stay tuned. I expect to be a fountain of travel tips before July is out.



  1. Whenever I travel i don’t forget to keep my travel socks.. It relaxes my feet. its extra large comforts my feet…It doesn’t irritate my toe either.

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