Posted by: Robin | May 26, 2009


I find it hard to believe I haven’t written for two months. It isn’t for lack of things to write about. I have been collecting quotes and reading books that have stimulated lots of thoughts and reflections. My personal life has continued to raise challenges that require the the shape of my life to be in a constant state of flux. All three of my children are facing major life changes, some good and in one case devastating. Our responsibilities for caretaking elderly relatives are intensifying. I can celebrate the end of my year-long saga of a visually impaired right eye, which as most things do, ended somewhat differently than I expected. Some of the reason for my lack of writing is that I am drained after a year of constant crisis and recurring chaos, but I think it is more that. I’ve reached a place where words are inadequate, a shocking place for a wordphile. They can only take me so far in helping me understand, express and face the changes this year has brought. I am in a time where silence serves best. I need to listen and be quiet and stop trying to fix what I am helpless to fix and receive my life as it is and whatever God is doing in it. I will write again because it is who I am. I can’t not write, but new seasons and new rhythms sometimes require new approaches. For once, I am listening.



  1. I am very new at being on the “web”. You would think that at 62 years of age I would be more adept at this, but I am not. I have avoided it like the plague up until now.
    I’m sorry you have had a year of constant crisis. I can really sympathize as I have experienced many such years myself. Take time for yourself, listen to God and let Him bring peace to your soul.
    I wish you wellness, and peace.
    Judy Mohr

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