Posted by: Robin | February 10, 2009


img_0052On February 20th, this blog will be one year old. I thank my daughter Sarah for inspiring me to try this despite my skepticism. My posts have lived up to the title, and for that competitive part of me who wants to break through in the world as a writer in one form or another, the randomness of subjects probably works against me in building up a readership. From limited observation, those blogs that gain the most readership have a consistent general topic that is of interest to a lot of people and a unique voice and perspective in writing about it. I have no idea, other than a handful of friends and family, that I have any consistent readership. The Red Welsh Dragon image I used in two blogs is still my biggest draw through Google searches (and the reason for one of my most treasured comments-to-date; thanks Carole), and my stats are averaging between 60 and 100 hits a day. However, the posts that get the hits fit no clear pattern (except the Welsh Dragon).

I began writing this blog because I had no outlet for expressing the variety of things that engage me, or my momentary passions and enduring curiosity. On a more practical note, it gave me an alternate outlet to practice my writing skills in a variety of voices and moods. Practice improves, if not perfects. I thought this blog might serve as my portfolio as I sell myself as a writer. In the end, though, I think the reason I will keep blogging is the occasional comments I receive from visitors who because of an internet search find a particular post and are moved enough to say so. The most recent of those was yesterday (and the reason I am jumping the gun on my anniversary post). It was in response to my “Entropy” post. Almost without fail, these comments come to posts that have been hanging out there in cyberspace for a while, dead and forgotten. Then someone, seemingly at random, finds them and something real happens in the exchange, possibly even the “ecstasy of perfect recognition” (Stephen King). That they touch strangers at levels whimsical, personal, and on rare occasions, profound is a wonder to me. Absurdly, it literally tickles my tummy. In that moment I feel connected to a larger world. And I am incredibly grateful and humbled.

In many ways the cyber world is still a miracle and a mystery to me. I did not grow up with it, but ten years ago I began to grasp some of its potentiality to connect, enlighten and serve. As it turns out my imagination was too limited.

Thanks to all. And Happy Valentine’s Day!



  1. Happy Anniversary. Cute picture!

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