Posted by: Robin | January 18, 2009

Stairway to Seven: Go Steelers!


Stairway to Seven-The Steelers Journey to TampaStairway to Seven-The Steelers Journey to Tampa<object width=”480″ height=”295″><param name=”movie” ></object>

Apparently it takes greater technological skill or a higher upgrade on Word Press than I have to embed or insert media files from the web, but at least the above will link you to the great “Stairway to Heaven” adaptation for today’s game on YouTube.

If I have my way the Super Bowl will be the Turnpike Bowl, my hometown vs. my adopted hometown, the STEELERS and the EAGLES, with the STEELERS winning! So far the Eagles-Cardinals game is not giving me hope, but I shall persevere.

Even though I’ve lived more years in the Philly area than I have in the Pittsburgh area, it is where I grew up, where I fell in love with football, where I watched my steel mill engineer grandfather at work, where I saw Roberto Clemente (yes it’s baseball) hit his 3000th hit against the Mets, where I spent the last night of my honeymoon at the Pittsburgh Hilton on the Point (where the BOO! HISS! Ravens are probably staying), where my two older children were born, where many of my family members still do. It is the home where I am rooted, in the hills and along the Allegheny River. The skyline of the city has changed dramatically, and the 28 Expressway now takes you the whole way downtown (I usually exit too soon and get lost in the Northside).  It is still home, the place that made me who I am. So I am a Steelers fan and always will be.

But these particular final four NFL playoff teams create some complications for me. The team of choice for my husband, children and all my friends and neighbors here is the Eagles, and it would be so cool to have the World Series and Super Bowl Champs in the same year. I follow the Eagles every week, too. And it is a Cinderella story. Then there is the Ravens. I live in the NJ suburb of Philly where the Ravens’ quarterback grew up and played high school football. My daughter and son-in-law went to college in Baltimore and lived there for the first three years of their marriage. He worked part-time at a sports bar near the stadiums. Many near and dear are rooting for the (GRRRRRRRRRRRR!) Ravens. And I have to admit, the lover-of-a-good-story in me can’t help but appreciate that Arizona, Philadelphia and Baltimore would all be great Cinderella stories, while the Steelers six appearances in the Super Bowl and five Super Bowl rings could seem a bit like overkill to anyone but a Steelers fan (or a Patriots, SanFrancisco or Dallas fan).

But call me the wicked stepmother. I want the Steelers at the ball (bowl) with both glass slippers and the prince, dancing up the “Stairway to Seven” and hailed by Terrible Towels and Myron Cope smiling down on them.


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