Posted by: Robin | May 30, 2008

Confessions of a Polygamist


I got married yesterday. My daughter Jen’s boyfriend’s three-year-old daughter Cami proposed, and who could refuse a face like that. She got into her pink princess dress, and offered her lavender one to me. Unfortunately it was just a little small, so she decided if I wore enough jewels to sink a battleship that would do. Then it was time for the ceremony. I explained my husband Don married people. (Sometimes a minister in the family comes in handy.)

We went in search of Marry-Boy, which she promptly dubbed him. He took a break from watching the charcoal burn, and we ascended back to the bedroom. He prepared to perform the ceremony. She shook her head sadly. We were woefully ignorant of how these things are done.

“No! First we have to run around in circles.”

Marry-Boy muttered, “That’s how most marriages are.”

Cami and I ignored him. “Now we kick!” Marry-Boy made no editorial comments, but the near proximity of my foot may have had something to do with it.

“Now we fall on the ground!” Obviously my child bride still thinks I have joints that bend the proper way, so I tried not to disappoint. She missed the triumph of gravity when I was still a foot from the floor.

Then it was time to boogy and eat cake. What more can one ask of a wedding? I’m trying not to be too resentful that I’m her second wife. She married Jen two days ago. Then again I married a couple other three-year-olds about twenty years ago. Every family has its secrets.



  1. cute! And again, funny. I am very impressed by your execution of humor. When did that happen? Just Kidding.

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