Posted by: Robin | March 30, 2008

Sunday’s Child


“And the child that is born on the Sabbath day
Is bonny and blithe, and good and gay.”
(“Monday’s Child” nursery rhyme)

Twenty-seven years ago today (March 29) on a mild Sunday afternoon my son Dan was born. It seemed natural that one of my favorite endearments for him was Sunshine. He has brought much light into our lives. He inherited his father’s quick wit, and we’ve laughed a lot together over the years. Dan was a kind-hearted child (with a couple exceptions), and he is a kind-hearted man. At six he couldn’t bring himself to kick a goal in a soccer game because his best friend was the goalie, and it would hurt his feelings.  When I was ill and could not walk very fast, Dan stayed at my side to make sure I was okay.

Most of all when I think of Dan, I am struck by his unceasing curiosity and how creatively he thinks. He knows the most amazing facts about a wide range of things. This year he has gone back to finish his final year of his degree in music while taking classes toward an architecture degree, at the same time juggling a part-time youth pastor job and his family responsibilities. Having taken a similar journey I know how hard that is. Despite those pressures he continues to look at things from every angle, learning as much as he can, and where possible, figuring how to make them better. Seeing the world through his eyes has revealed a landscape of wonder that has enriched mine these last twenty-seven years, and now I watch him do the same for his son. I could not be prouder or more grateful. Happy Birthday, Dan!



  1. That’s a great picture of Dan! He’s a great guy.

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