Posted by: Robin | March 12, 2008

“Divine Nature”

Today I noticed my daffodils and tulips are coming up. Last week I noticed that the constellation Orion was getting low in the sky, soon to disappear for another spring and summer. The wild geese will be flying north any day on their migration, and the families of egrets and blue herons will return to Newton Lake. I was in my early twenties when nature’s seasonal greeting cards began to penetrate my awareness, but it was only with the repetition of years did I begin to smile with delight and welcome them as old friends come to greet me. They never fail to remind me of small joys, of small acts of faithfulness, of hope. Rarely a day goes by that I do not experience one moment of small joy (if joy can ever be small): the way the sunlight hits a leaf and makes it a jewel; the exquisite softness of my dog Charlie’s ears; the delightful ease of my husband’s talent for punning (he calls my blog “Two Pair of Nations and a Wandering Mime”); the peal of laughter of one of my children or my grandson; and today the green tips of my tulips and daffodils reaching for the light. Even during the handful of times I have been clinically depressed for months, even years, I was not immune to the glitter of stars or an elegant line of prose. It is a gift for which I am not nearly grateful enough.

While I may have been blessed with an aptitude for joy the same cannot be said for faithfulness, and so I am especially grateful that God is very good at it. He grants me tulips and constellations to remind me that life and the universe He created display his persistence. “For since the creation of the world God’s invisible qualities–his eternal power and his divine nature–have been clearly seen . . .” (Romans 1:20). And so I am reminded to practice and improve where I fall so short. On the dull days, the blue days, the gut-wrenchingly impossible days, faithfulness is all around us, and I am comforted.



  1. Okay…time to get picky here. It’s spring time… geese fly NORTH in the spring. I thought a robin would know that.

  2. Brain burp! Haven’t you ever heard the term birdbrain?

  3. This is good to remember going into Easter:)

  4. Thanks, Sarah!

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