Posted by: Robin | March 7, 2008



Tomorrow is my youngest child’s twenty-fifth birthday. We are celebrating tonight. My husband and I have both commented how it is more sobering than it was with her older sister and brother from a ‘getting old’ perspective, but it is also a time to celebrate the young woman she has become. It was a long road, with a lot of bumps, but she persevered and finished her B.A. last August. She found a job in her field (film) and is doing well. She works hard and gives it her all. But when I think of Jennifer, other adjectives come to mind: passionate, bright, creative, funny, generous. She has a gift for loyalty that often leaves me in awe.

When Jen was in fourth grade her teacher told me that several children were making fun of a girl in the class, and Jen confronted them and insisted they stop. It wasn’t a one-time event. She became a loyal friend. That same instinct put into action defines who she is today. She champions those who need it. She has been a consistent and supportive friend in general, and specifically to those serving overseas. She makes sure to be a regular caring part of the lives of the kids she nannied for now that she doesn’t see them daily. I love to watch her with her boyfriend’s three-year-old daughter. Jen is patient, consistent and fully surrendered to being in the moment with Cami. When they play princess I catch sight of the little girl she was (though she was more into horses, dogs and cheetahs than princesses), still very much a part of the woman she is in all the best ways.

So Happy Twenty-fifth, Jen! You are the antidote for any getting-old doldrums. Thanks!


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