Posted by: Robin | March 1, 2008

Vulture Fest 2008

Today my friend Julie took me to her favorite latte place in Wenonah, NJ, for her favorite pumpkin lattes. I discovered that today, March 1, is Vulture Fest Day in Wenonah. It didn’t start until three o’clock so I only got to see the beginning of the festivities. A group of men were arriving with vulture feather hats. They have a website:  It has pictures of previous vulture fests, lists tonight’s big festivities and even has a local news clip about their turkey and black vultures roosting about the town. Tonight the Road Kill Review Dance Ensemble performs though I’m kind of wishing the Carrion Kings from the 2006 fest were making a return engagement. They even have a t-shirt with a logo and their motto “Look alive!” (Get it?)

When I first heard that this town’s idea of celebrating itself was Vulture Fest I thought that was pretty sad. I used to live in Harleysville where the turkey vultures come in droves, and these critters are ugly and creepy up close and personal. I’ve retained enough biology and watched enough Planet Earth to know how much we need and owe the scavengers of our planet (at least the nonhuman variety). I willingly appreciate them from a far, but come on people, a festival? Yet the more I watched today and browse this website, the more I want to join in the fun, because these folks understand if you are going to celebrate vultures, to pull off celebrating vultures you have to really celebrate vultures and revel in the absurdity down to the smallest detail. These folks do it in style. Aren’t people great in all our glorious diversity? So here’s to the vultures! (But if anybody decides to have a Larvae Fest I draw the line!)


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